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#TBTravel: Phi Phi Island

The Phi Phi Islands tour was by far my favourite experiences from my time in Thailand. Phuket is known for it's Phi Phi Island and James Bond Island day tours. As we were only in Thailand for 6 days we decided to just do one of the tours, to allow enough time for other activities. We chose the Phi Phi Island tour and it was probably my favourite day of the whole trip! The tour took us to many different locations around the Islands of Phi Phi Lae and Phi Phi Don, and stopped for many different activities. I couldn't believe that the places were even more beautiful in real life than all the pictures and postcards I had seen. 

#TBTravel: The Big Buddha

I've decided to start a new mini series on A Make Believe World, inspired by the notion of Throwback Thursday, we are going to have Throwback Travel Thursdays (#TBTravel). On Thursdays I will post a TBTravel post, that highlights some of my older trips from a few years ago, that I might not have enough photos of to make it a complete focus on the blog, but still definitely deserves a mention! Some of the information from when I visited might be a little bit outdated now and photo quality might not always be as good as my recent trips, but hopefully you still enjoy! To kick off, I visited The Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand in March 2014. 

Visible from most places on the south of the island, the Big Buddha is an important religious symbol for Buddhists in Phuket as well as a great tourist attraction with amazing 360 degree views of the south of Phuket. 
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