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Visiting Cape Woolamai with Dean Faulkner

Hey so I'm Dean, long time friend of Emma and Thom, and nearly a year into my new photography hobby. Emma asked me to write a blog post for The Pinnacles on Phillip Island, so here it is! As a disclaimer, I've never written a blog post before, so please excuse me if it's not up to Emma's standard. BUT, if you bare with me and make it through, hopefully I can leave you with some information about this awesome little corner of Victoria! 

Drone Class: Perfecting Aerial Photography For Beginners

As two people who have some of the most expensive hobbies going round, we really could have done with one that didn't involve expensive equipment, regular upgrades or heaps of flights. Unfortunately we have not succeeded at all. We jumped on the new photography must-have and bought ourselves a drone! After seeing hundreds (maybe thousands) of amazing aerial photos on Instagram there was no question when it came to what I wanted for my birthday; a drone please!

5 Things To Do In The Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is world renowned for it's magnificent wineries, producing some of the best wine in Australia. With big name brands such as Domaine Chandon as well as smaller local brands, and some of the most breathtaking scenery and views that can be found in Victoria there's no question why it's such a popular place to visit. But that's not all it has to offer, with many other activities around the region! If you're spending a weekend down in the Yarra Valley try and check out some of these highlights to give you the full Yarra Valley experience.


A Guide To The Great Ocean Road

One of the world's most scenic coastal drives is without a doubt the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. With towering cliffs, iconic surf breaks, misty waterfalls and native Australian wildlife, you can find everything around the Great Ocean Road. The drive is long and windy, and can take several hours, so if you have the time it is best to commit a few days to exploring, to make sure you cover everything! Here is a quick guide to what you can't miss along the Great Ocean Road!


Exploring The Twelve Apostles

If you've read any guide book or article about the best places to visit in Australia, The Twelve Apostles in Victoria has no doubt been high on the list! Located approximately four hours from Melbourne in Port Campbell National Park along the Great Ocean Road are these incredible limestone rock stacks standing tall in the Southern Ocean. It took me 24 years to get down to the Twelve Apostles and I can not believe I hadn't ventured down their earlier. 

The Home of Melbourne Street Art

It's no secret that Melbourne is known for it's unique, quirky street art. You can find it all over the city, really interesting dynamic graphics all over the place. Hosier Lane is definitely one of the best places in Melbourne to really get a feel for Melbourne's street art culture. Located off Flinders Street between Swanston and Russell Street, the bluestone cobbled laneway has become a celebrated landmark in Melbourne due to it's sophisticated urban art. 

A Winters Day In Melbourne

Melbourne can be particularly cold in winter. Okay, I'm being nice. I positively freeze in winter. I am not really a massive fan of the cold, wind and rain, and often Melbourne's winters can feel like they go f o r e v e r. Especially compared to the rest of our beautiful warm country who don't suffer nearly as much of a cold spell. However, it often likes to surprise us! And in the same way we can go through four seasons in one day, we do sometimes get some absolutely beautiful winter days. A few weekends ago the sun decided to show her beautiful face in Melbourne, so I thought I would take advantage of the weather and take a stroll around the city! It was still freezing, but such a lovely day to enjoy my home city!

A Madame Brussels Garden Party

As a special treat for our mum on Mother's Day, my sister and I decided to take the family out for a celebration. Instead of buying her another present, we thought Mum would enjoy a different kind of experience for Mother's Day. And we were right! We stumbled across Madame Brussel's Mothers Day Garden Party Event, and thought it would be the perfect surprise for Mum. 

No. 35 Resturant @ Sofitel on Collins

I have never been as speechless walking into a restaurant as when I walked into No 35 at the Sofitel on Collins in Melbourne's CBD. Coming off a morning of hot air ballooning across the city, I didn't think the views or the morning could get any better. I was wrong. I have to say, without a doubt, No 35 is my favourite breakfast location ever. There was not one thing I could criticize about it and I haven't stopped talking about it since. Let's break it down. 

Melbourne Hot Air Ballooning

A couple of weeks ago it was my 24th birthday and it had the best start to my 24th year that I could imagine. Thom had an awesome idea for a present, hot air ballooning over Melbourne's CBD! It's something we had both been talking about for ages, but it's just so expensive that we have always had too many other things going on. I mean, you could fly three people to Bali and back for the price of these hot air balloon rides! But it was so worth it! We got up super early - about 4am to drive into the city and meet the tour guides at the Sofitel on Collins. We were then driven about 20 minutes to Moorabbin, which would be our take off place.

I'll be honest, I was nervous about getting in a hot air balloon. I thought surely it wouldn't feel secure and I would feel like I was about to drop out of the sky at any moment. But I was pleasantly surprised.The basket was cushioned the whole way around, so it was very comfortable to lean on and made me feel so safe. It was also a bit taller than I expected, which was very comforting. The whole trip was amazing. Take-off was effortless and so light you couldn't even feel that you were moving.

The Melbourne Star

For some reason I often find myself somewhere looking at an incredible view with no camera except for my iPhone. It's getting quite annoying, but luckily sometimes even iPhone photos do the job! While shopping at Harbour Town on the Docklands one day, Thom and I spontaneously decided to take a spin on the Melbourne Star. Although not as big or famous as the London Eye and despite it's many breakdowns, it still offers some beautiful views of Melbourne's city, as well as the surrounding suburbs.


It's always nice to get away for the weekend and relax! In Victoria the possibilities are endless, with so many weekend getaway destinations only a few hours drive away. We recently spent a weekend in Nagambie with my extended family. It was so lovely and peaceful, looking out over the water and just doing nothing. Country Victoria is definitely beautiful. On the way home we drove across the state and over to Bridgewater to visit the waterhole pictured below. Thom knows some really beautiful spots around Victoria, you would never find this one if you didn't know about it! It was so quiet and peaceful being completely surrounded by nature. It was the perfect way to end the weekend

Brighton Beach

One of Melbourne's most popular beach tourist attractions are the bathing boxes at Brighton Beach. You can't pick up a Melbourne Travel Guide or look up "what to do in Melbourne" without someone recommending you go and see them. And they are super cute! While the beach is nothing too special the bathing boxes are definitely really cute, and if you're looking for real estate, cost a fortune! You can also find cute bathing boxes along the Mornington Peninsula, including Safety Beach and Mount Martha. 

Melbourne Architecture: Louis Vuitton

Melbourne has some incredibly beautiful buildings, but my favourite by far is the current Louis Vuitton building on the corner of Collins Street and Russell Street in the CBD. 

The building was built in 1886 as a medical practice, and since then has been home to several different businesses - including an exclusive club for women in the early 1900's. These days it is home to the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, and I have to admit, they seem to be a great combination. Melbourne has many many beautiful buildings around it's city (another amazing one is the Melbourne GPO - currently home to Australia's first H&M store on Bourke Street), and I'm not sure why this one stands out to me more than others, but I love it. The detail in the architecture and the way that every level offers different features makes it something really special. It's infallible.

Mount Martha Pillars

It was hard to believe we were still in Melbourne when we were standing at the Pillars at Mount Martha. Only a 45 minute drive from the CBD, Mount Martha on the Mornington Peninsula seemed like a beach straight out of Europe with it's crystal clear water, steep cliffs and pebble beaches. After seeing pictures of the Pillars on Instagram I dragged a group of friends down to experience Melbourne's very own secret cliff beach for ourselves. It was amazing! With no signs indicating it's location, no parking area, and absolutely no view of it from the road, you would never know it was there unless you were looking for it. 

There was only a very tiny path leading from the road to the edge of the cliffs, and then you had to climb down the face of the rock. Scary! But it was spectacular, and definitely worth the struggle and the grazes! The water was beautifully crystal clear, and the thrill seekers jump from the highest possible platforms, plunging into the ocean. After jumping you have to climb back up the rock to get out of the ocean. It is absolutely one of Melbourne's hidden treasures, with minimal people and plenty of space to yourself to enjoy the day and the endless scenic views. Very impressive Melbourne. 

Eureka Skydeck

Without a doubt, the most beautiful and breathtaking views of Melbourne are from the Eureka Skydeck. I am ashamed to admit that despite living in Melbourne for my whole life, it took me 8 years to go up the Eureka Skydeck. And when I finally got to go I wasn't even prepared! It was spur of the moment and unexpected, and I only had my iPhone with me unfortunately!

Seaford Beach

Seaford Beach. Only an hour from Melbourne, but feels like a different world. 
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