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Zimbabwe or Zambia?

The big question when visiting the Falls is whether to visit Zimbabwe or Zambia. There's always a lot of discussion about whether to stay on the Zimbabwean or Zambian side of Victoria Falls. As the Falls lies on the boarder of the two countries, you can definitely view the Falls from both sides. Zimbabwe has historically been considered the best country to view the Falls, due to 75% of the Falls lying on the Zimbabwean side, however over the last decade or so political turmoil in Zimbabwe has allowed Zambia to establish itself as the more favourable destination. However here are some things to keep in mind when deciding between Zimbabwe and Zambia: 

The Falls

Victoria Falls has definitely secured it's place as one of the largest and most amazing waterfalls in the world, and when you're standing face to face with the Falls it's not hard to understand why.

Victoria Falls Rainbow Hotel

Victoria Falls was the perfect town to remind you that you were in Africa. The whole town consisted of two tiny streets full of cafes, souvenir shops and tourist information, with a supermarket around the back. Everything was in walking distance, surrounded by trees and bushland, and there were monkeys running around everywhere. There were all types of monkeys, including baboons just running freely around the hotel grounds, the streets and the boarder crossings. We were definitely in Africa.  

Zambezi Sunsets

A sunset cruise on the Zambezi River is an absolute must do when visiting Zimbabwe and the Zambezi. It is an experience unlike any other when visiting Africa.  
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