Hello, Hola, Konnichiwa!

Welcome to A Make Believe World, and thank you for visiting our internet home. My name is Emma, and I travel the world as often as I possibly can with my husband Thom. Both still working the 9-5 grind, we travel as much as we can (or should I say, as much as our jobs will allow us), while still leading pretty regular lives in between trips.

So what can I tell you about us?

We met way back in high school, when MySpace was still a thing and lots of our nights were spent talking to each other on msn when we should have been studying. Writing that almost feels like I’m referring to the dark ages, who would have thought technology would have moved so fast that we now have Instagram in our pockets?!!

After high school I went onto university and Thom started an apprenticeship. We were both working so hard and all the time, that we didn’t really have any time or money to be able to travel for a few years. We travelled a bit with our families and friends and around Australia, but each trip was only really a week at a time. With every little trip that travel bug started to bite me a little bit more. We saved as hard as we could during our studies and booked our first big trip to USA in 2014, literally leaving 3 days after Thom finished his apprenticeship!

That travel bug has kept a tight hold on us ever since. So three years later we’ve visited 29 countries, fitting travel into our lives wherever we can. Our lives have changed so much in the last three years, since that first trip to USA. We got new jobs, more degrees, got engaged, bought a house, moved in together, had our dream wedding and I changed my name, travelling all over the place in between! It’s been a crazy ride so far, there have been some wonderful and difficult days, but we’re having so much fun.

Lightening Round… 

To speedily pick our brains, here’s some our favourites so far..

Destination: It’s so hard to choose just one, I have loved every place we have visited! But some of the top international trips have been Mexico, South Africa, Japan, Costa Rica, Greece & of course, always exploring new places in Australia and sharing them with others.

International cuisine: There are so many options! Pulled Pork Gyros in Santorini Greece for Thom, and I definitely became addicted to guacamole in Mexico. Omg, delicious!!
Experience: There’s no doubt about it for both of us, swimming in the Devils Pool on the top of Victoria Falls in Zambia, followed by a gourmet breakfast on the edge of the waterfall. Check out all the info, pictures and recommendations on my previous post: The Devils Pool.
Way to spend our down time: Thom likes to spend weekends at home fishing, and I always love taking photos and especially trying out more aerial photography.

I wanted to bring Thom into the blog in a much larger presence to show that you do not have to quit your job, sell everything you own and travel solo to achieve your dreams. If you work hard, you can have a really great balance of travel life and normal life. Join us on our journey while we travel the world, while also exploring our own backyard around Australia as much as we can.

For travel advice, information, questions or to share a funny story with us, get in contact by emailing [email protected] or send us a message on Instagram.

Happy Travels!