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Ombak Sunset Hotel Review

If we’re all being honest, my number one reason for choosing to stay at the Hotel Ombak Sunset was their infamous Datu Swing. That swing in the crystal clear ocean that you have seen all over Instagram and just want a picture on to complete your Bali photo diary. The swing did not disappoint, but…

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How To Survive Riding Scooters in Bali

Although it’s not recommended, it is naive to tell people not to rent scooters in Bali. I mean we did it, so why wouldn’t you?! Rather than take a negative approach, I would like to share some facts and tips to make this experience easier and more importantly safer for you! I will begin by…

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Finn’s Beach Club, Uluwatu

¬†For the most exclusively relaxing day in Bali you need to visit Finn’s Beach Club in Uluwatu. The white sand beaches and clear blue water of the Indian Ocean are hidden away by tall cliff faces, giving you the feeling of swimming in the most private beach on Bali Island. It was absolutely beautiful and…

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