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Preparing For Natural Disasters in the US

Living in Melbourne I am lucky enough to be pretty safe from most, if not all natural disasters. With the exception of bush fires in extreme heat, I don’t live in a location that is threatened by tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes regularly in the way other people are. I was recently contacted by Logan from…

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Top 7 Things To Do In Dallas

Dallas, the ninth largest city in America, is becoming more and more of a destination in the USA with flights paths into and out of the States using Dallas Fort Worth International Airport as their first point of contact in the country. But Dallas is not just a big airport for a long stop-over anymore,…

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Road Tripping Through Arizona

Leaving Texas, our next stop in USA was Arizona. It was thankfully our last domestic flight in America (we were so over the super early airport call times), and we were planning to spend our last week or so road tripping through Arizona and California. We caught a 6am flight and landed at Phoenix Airport…

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