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How To Survive Being Sick While Travelling

It’s the worst feeling isn’t it. You’ve been struck down by some kind of illness while you’re overseas. Whether it’s a bad cold or a 24-hour type bug, it’s never fun being sick when you’re travelling! Thom and I got really sick while we were in Miami and it continued all the way through our…

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6 Ways To Pass Time On A Layover

Let’s all be honest, most of the time layovers just aren’t that fun! You’re probably in the middle of two long haul flights, you might be tired and jet lagged, you’ve already checked all your luggage and for some reason your flight has been hit with an extra three hour delay. It makes you want…

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20 Helpful Tips For Any Type Of Traveller

No matter what type of travel you’re about to embark on, whether it’s backpacking, camping, travelling on a shoestring budget or a 5 star luxury tour, here are some travel tips that can be used by every single traveller! 1. Learn how to swim – not only is swimming an essential part of life, but…

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